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Finding license key type/value in CRM 4.0

Open the deployment Manager and click on License . There are three columns providing us information about

1 = Licese Type

2 = Number of licensed users

3 = License Key

In order to find the more detail and real value of license key , please use the Organizationname_MSCRM ( default organization in enterprise edition) . Open the SQL server management studio and run the query . It will bring the all infromation one is looking for about key.

Now you can either compare it with the trial version key if you want to make it sure that it is not a trial version key. The trial version keys are located on :

PS” MSDN keys are not present in database”.


MCRM 4.0 email router :An error occurred while opening mailbox

In the event log you see the problem while testing the connection .

An error occurred while opening mailbox .


The best way is to play with access credentails and use  enter the user name
and password while configuring the incoming and outgoing access credentails. The user must be able to open the mail boxes in exchange.

please go through from this post .

Reports: An error has occurred during report processing(rsProcessingAborted) CRM 4.0

Error :

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Cannot create a connection to data source ‘xyz’.
For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the
local server machine, or enable remote errors .
solution :

1 = change the datasource to the “Real” database on the reporting
services . Click properties of a single report and then click on data
source and edit the connection string . after that run it . If it
works then reset the IIS and run the report from CRM interface .
2 =You need to  publish your reports again (PublishReports.exe) . Find the
following exe on the crm server , it should be at (C:\Program Files
\Microsoft CRM\Reports) or search on drive.