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Example of Integration of Microsoft CRM with ERP system (Dynamic C5)

In this example , i would show the data from Microsoft Dynamic C5 in Microsoft CRM 4.0.  I will be doing it in few simple steps:

1. I have page which is used to get the ID from Account through Request.QueryString method.


 2. I will be using “Account No” from Microsoft CRM to retrieve the data from Dynamic C5. In the left panel i have “C5 Integration” as Account Left Nav Bar item. When user clicks it , page gets the data from ERP System.

It is simple “SQL Data Table” which is populated with the data from ERP  system while passing the “Account No”.


3. If we select a row by clicking on “vælge” (select) then it will open the more detail about activities of Customer. Here i am passing the ID of one of the column in current row to get more detailed information.