mscrm_log and sql timeout error in Microsoft CRM 4.0

Is your MSCRM_log file getting bigger and bigger? Have you ever considered looking at MSCRM_log.LDF?

The first thing you witness is sqltimeout error and it is almost impossible to use CRM application. If you look at SQL logs, there will be somethingĀ  like


In order to overcome , one need to shrink the log database file. Remember to take the back-up of CRM database and then go through from these two figures.


Right click CRM Database …Task…Shrink and then choose ….Files. Now one need to choose mscrm_log.


This process will release unused pages. If logfile does not get smaller then you need to check the properties of Database if Option of “Full Recovery” is selected ? Change it to “Simple” and then shrink it. Remember to change it back to Full recovery once you are done .


2 Responses to “mscrm_log and sql timeout error in Microsoft CRM 4.0”

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