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Sharepoint webpart example for Microsoft CRM 4.0

In this example , i would like to display Microsoft CRM Opportunities (In Progress) in sharepoint as Pie chart and “Legends” with the help of  sharepoint webpart.


I have two list which are having data from Microsoft CRM.

List<decimal>EstimatedRevenue = Revenu();

List<string> Customers = CrmCustomer();

I used the .Net 3.5 chart control to create the pie chart and I binded this data with the help of DataBindXY(xValue,YValue);

Chart1.Series[“Default”].Points.DataBindXY(Customers, EstimatedRevenue);

I added the “Legends” and then used the” LegendCellColumn” to add different columns. One can enable the 3D by simply

Chart2.ChartAreas[“ChartArea1”].Area3DStyle.Enable3D = true;

List<decimal> IDD = MyVal();
List<decimal> estimated = MyEstimatesharepoint